8 February 2011

Anchor Rose Gold Charm Bracelet

Anchor Rose Gold Charm Bracelet
Sail away with me honey. Indie style, handmade gold charm bracelet featuring a large detailed gold anchor charm. With a mixture of green and white glass pearls, solid gold twist rings, polymer clay roses and gorgeous amethyst glass crystals that nestle within gold bead caps.

Charms are connected to a chunky gold chain. Finished with a pretty white ribbon bow and lobster clasp closure.

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19 January 2011

Latest Additions to Indie Handmade

I reeeally do mean to keep up with the Indie Handmade blog! But if you are a crafter, you know first hand just how difficult it can be some times. You get busy making new items and listing them on the web site and before you know it, the latest items become the not so latest!

Gold Locket Flower Silver Charm Bracelet
Cute Owl Vintage Bronze Charm Earrings
Bow Rose Silver Charm Earrings
White Cute Skull Silver Necklace
Cut Above Scissor Vintage Bronze Charm Necklace
Ornate Lucite Vintage Bronze Pendant


24 November 2010

Handmade Twitter Page On Facebook

I recently created a Facebook page designed to bring handmade tweeters together using both Facebook and Twitter. If you have a Twitter page and you either create or promote handmade goodies, please be sure to come and join us:

And don't forget to follow me on Twitter @ GemmaWildLondon

21 November 2010

New Look Shop

I am very excited to unveil the new look for the Indie Handmade jewellery shop! As well as a slight re-design to freshen things up a little, I am currently in the process of re-shooting the jewellery images as I felt the plain white backgrounds were, well, just too plain!

These are some of the newest additions, all shot with the new, more interesting backgrounds:

So what do you recon, plain white (which also washes out the colour of the main jewellery image) or coloured, patterned backgrounds like above? I know what I prefer but what do you think?